While we are learning English on our advanced Cambridge English school, we’ve got an assignment to write a story, no matter how long, about a part of this featured picture you can see. This is a part of the famous Botticelli’s The birth of Venus, and now you should be creative and write something interesting and catchy to your readers. So, let’s go.




Author: Ana Galić

Long time ago, we do not where was this or Earth or in heaven, the most beautiful couple lived among us. They had the most gentle skin you have ever seen and their hair was like it’s made of gold. But there was something that bothered them and didn’t alowed them to be truly happy – the most wanted child didn’t come up for years.

He was tared appart and he spent a lot of time on his own, away from people and his loved one. She was a dreamer and let anything to bring dark cloud into her atmosphere, so she took his decission like that supposed to be.

Yes, they were gods and other gods started talking. Like there’s been some kind of course among this coupla and that they will bring their course into heaven as well. So Zeus expelled them, without bringing home if they don’t bring a newbornchild.

Apolo left immediately. His skin and his hair lost their shine. Nobody knows where he went and he didn’t take the time to talk to his Afrodita so at least she would know where she could find him. She decided to go away from Greece but also in some wormer arias, so she went in Montenegro, in a small town named Igalo.

After a while, Afrodita was walkinf for a water into the mountains and a miracle happend – she heared and than saw a small child, baby girl, who was left here all by herself. Sho took her home, and waited for about a year if there maybe is someone who would returned for her. But, nobody came. Now, she wanted to find Apolo. She was  a goddess and had her powers – she told a wolf, a coyote and a fox to spread the word and find her lost husband.

A lot of years passed behind. A little one, named Athens, had for about 8 years right now. And one day, when she was playing in her homeyard,  old but still handsome man steped forward to ask her about her mother. She felt pretty sicure with this man and she took him to their house. Afrodita knew who he is. They were happy and now they had a mission to explain Athens that she is a daugther of two gods and that they need to come back to their true come.

At the moment of their coming into heaven, a flowers fell from the sky, they have got their wings, and a little Athens had an itternal soul by a breath of her father. Both the Apolo and Afrodita turned their shine and beauty again, and now they are all living happily ever after.

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