Can formal education prepare students for what it is to come?

Here I wrote about my college and experience I had toward philosophical studies. Yet, not everything is black nor white, but as one philosopher said – we are all living in a different shades of grey. I do not know if that is true, but this is what I had to say about studies and work.

Can formal education prepare students for what it is to come?


Author: Ana Galić

After giving not a lot of thinking but a lot of experience, my answer to this question is – yes. Why, maybe you will be supprised. Well, I am an optimist and a fighter, so if something unexpected comes into my life I will fight with it. At this subject, my opinnion is based toward my call and my studying experience.

First, I would say that for somebody who likes philosophy, and that is my call, there is a plenty of space for you to deal with it on college. You are allowed to read as much as you can, nobody is asking from you to write some new tractatus or something similar – you just need to read. Than to write a bit.

If you want to become famous philosopher, you might wonna get in touch with your collegues all around the world and for that you can learn one of the languages you prefer – English, German or France. Than you ask them for collaboration and – that’s it. You are working as a cosmopolitan.

There are also bad points of view if you are determined to become a philosopher – nobody wants to waste time on reading, especially on reading philosophy, because it doesn’t bring any money – you see, we are living in a capitalistic imperialism where the only rule is set for earning a money, and we all actualy live by this law. And you need to earn money – than your calling as philosopher is not as much important as it seem to be when you are crying while you reading Kierkegaard and his beautiful lines.

Looking at what we have said at the begining that we can study and learn a lot for what future brings us, a part of that is true – if you are rich enough so you don’ need to work and earn money by doing something else. Otherwise, market will push you to the edge and you will not have the time to do for what you take you diplomma for.


(Photo: Heraclitus by Johannes Moreelse. The image depicts him as “the weeping philosopher” wringing his hands over the world, and as “the obscure” dressed in dark clothing—both traditional motifs

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