TIME-MANAGEMENT: From the moment you are born you start dying

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Today is already passing by slowly and time once gone can never be returned. So, what can you do? There is no need to point out at yourself as the one who need to be blamed, let’s just see what you can do. Remember how Socrates thought us that virtue is knowledge.

So, let’s go from the point where you felt stuck. You just feel like you don’t know what else to do, like stress is taking over your life. So now you’ve been realized that THERE IS NO MORE TIME TO WASTE. We start from there. Anything that make you not going foreword in your life is NOT WORTH OF YOUR TIME.


Take a second and write it down – what do you do in your life? Does it make you cry?




Do you think that most successful people don’t dream? And don’t dream BIG? O yes, of course they are, and you know what – they dream while being awake. Why is it so important to have that magic goals in our life? By dreaming we put away all the limitations we might have. Now what you need to do first is to aloud yourself to dream. Yes, imagine what life style you would like to have in the future. You know that saying – if you can dream it, you can do it, so let’s imagine things you would like to do – to buy a new car; to go to India; to become Feng Shui master etc. So the first thing you should do is TO ALLOW YOURSELF TO DREAM. Second task when it comes to our dreaming is VISUALIZATION. So, Imagine, like John Lennon would say. Teach your mind to think in that direction. It is not that easy, trust me. I think that the most important part in this step right here is that you believe in yourself. To trust in YOU – Goals are dreams with deadlines, right? And finally, you need TO WORK on realisation of your dreams. That takes time, od course, effort and your willingness to success. And remember – DO NOT STOP!




Why is it important after you wake up in the morning to stratch your body, do your hygiene, make a cup of coffee and than go trough you TO-DO list for that day? Well, the answer is simple – our mind loses time on a things that we didn’t finish the day before. Well, there is a trick – we actually can fool our brain by putting all the stuff we need to do that day on a paper and STOP WORRY, because when we worry about something stress will eventually beat us. So first of all, have a couple of TO-DO lists, or at least two – one is build for your bigger goals and for the future far away, and second one is for the task about that day or for the things that are important for your not so close future but it can be done today. Your TO-DO list should have around five items, not more, and remember 41 % of all TO-DO list finish up as NOT FINISHED. Funny and true in the same time, right. So f o c u s, which is the next logical step. Focus on the THINGS YOU NEED TO DO THAT DAY. Maybe you need to send an e-mail to your bussiness partner because there is a deadline going on that day. DO IT. It is a way more important than exploring all the information you need to have about new job that can wait for a two weeks more. And, finally – TO-DO lists are important for our mental health, right? We wont be frustrated when we check-out our five items for that day. We will celebrate inside ourselves! There’s a little party going on in our brain when we do all that we could for that day! And final step is – making a TO-DO list should take no more than five minute. Everything which is way of that limit is no good. And do not forget – you are controlling your time, so and TO-DO list, not the other way around.





So, now you get serious about You and Your Own Life. It is time for action! Change is not easy but let’s see how it looks:


  1. Stage of unawareness – You don’t see the problem
  2. Recognition – Being aware of the problem
  3. Preparation for change – Stage of getting ready to act
  4. GO! – Taking direction action toward the goal
  5. Keep the energy flowing – Maintaining new stage

Here are some tips which you can follow on you path to become so much better than you aleady are.

1. Put Yourself first
Be happy in your own skin and don’t forget to stop and look at everything that YOU MAKE FOR THIS WORLD TO BE MUCH MORE FANTASTIC! Start with smiling! Try to wake up with that smile on your face. You now, I’ve been reading a lot of self-help books and one thing I remembered – If you can’t find the reason to smile – smile fake, force yourself and eventually – you will laugh with whole heart. So, when something goes wrong at work, your kid brakes one more plate, you spend more money that you suppose to – find a reason to smile – you will be thankful to yourself. Than look at your action during that day and become aware how important your role is – in your companu, in your family, for your kid, for your friends…Just appreciate everything that you do.

2. Find out what Respect means
It took time when I realised that Aristotle’s law of reasons and causes. I felt that very bad smell in my closet that came from the rotten potato and I figure out that I WILL HAVE TO CLEAN IT, nobody else. Why? Because I was a student, living alone with my younger brother.

Your cleaning of your own kitchen table doesn’t differ from not being late on a meetings, to listen to other when they talk without stopping them to finish the sentence – in one thing and what’s that? RESPECT. Respect work, time and opinions of others just as you respect your own.

3. Educate Yourself
If you want to find out more about our ecosystem, what happen during the Ice age, how  mankind realized that Earth isn’t a flat panel or you just want to find out the benefits of Green tea, use your time to educate yourself.

You heard about how being different is our treasure. So, find about as many informations as you can about all the things people love, cherish and find worthy.


Just leave a trace. That would have to be the most important engine. And let’s recapitulate with things you apsolutely shouldn’t do:




  1. Don’t waste time on your social media.
  2. Don’t worry about things you can’t control (also do not keep negative emotions inside you).
  3. Do not compare to others. Focus is on you.


So let’s conclude – are you crying? Your time spent in life is not worth not even a single drop of your most valuable feelings deep inside? Man, that’s not good. Become a person you admire. I dare you.



29 Ways You’re Wasting Time Today, on link  https://timemanagementninja.com/2013/02/29-ways-youre-wasting-time-today/

10 Ways To Make Your Life Better, Starting Today, on a link:  https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/emotional-fitness/201508/10-ways-make-your-life-better-starting-today


Text written and edited by: Ana Galić


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