WEIGHT LOSS: How did I return my overweight BMI in healthy weight range for two months?

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I said to myself  -IT IS ENOUGH! I want to become old me, the one who practiced exercise every day, had an energy for literally everything in my life – including my boyfriend, my studies, my running hobby and my job, so I wanted my body to be my companion, not my enemy. Because it starts to become one.

What was the problem? I let go of myself after some serious shaking events in my life –  breaking up with my fiancee, not finding a new job after my college graduation, returning to my home, dropping my master, dealing with my mother’s cancer, turbulence in family, getting married, having a baby, being a mother, working on a lot of different and exhausted jobs just to survive…  so I didn’t actually cared about my body the way I was before (not just my body, I must say that I was mentally really damaged also) – yoga every day for six years, running to the local hill every second day, always taking a walk and in some kind of movement…




If you want to calculate your BMI go on a link: https://www.heartfoundation.org.au/your-heart/know-your-risks/healthy-weight/bmi-calculator.
If you want to know your waist measurement go on a link: https://www.heartfoundation.org.au/your-heart/know-your-risks/healthy-weight/waist-measurement?_ga=2.127204235.787101110.1564142496-533009204.1564142496.
If you want to know what age is you heart go on a link (this test is onla for a people who are between 35-75): https://www.heartfoundation.org.au/your-heart/know-your-risks/heart-age-calculator.


So, at the beginning my weight was 84 kilograms, on my height 1.72 cm. My body mass index was in a scale for overweight range and I felt like that it is only going to be worse. So, i have decided to lose weight and by the calculator my suggested healthy weight range is 54.7 – 73.7kg. So, let’s calculate even more!

NOTE: It is not good for you to stop eating just to lose weight immediately, because you are not doing good for your body. Same is with a lot and a lot of exercise. So, you need to go slowly and that measure is – half of kilogram by one week – off.

Alright! Let’s check the weight range:





The main thing about food is that I totally reduced bread, sweets and alcohol. So, I eat fruits instead of cakes, I can even break a rule and in Sunday perhaps eat pizza, at home or in a restaurant, but no bread, no cakes, no chocolate, no ice-cream, I don’t know, but the list is long. I do drink coffee with sugar, twice a day. First in the morning, than after breakfast. I tend to stop drinking coffee after 2 PM, so I could get pieceful sleep. And maybe this is also one of the main thing – I do not eat after six, or it is better to say that I skip my dinner. Food is based on healthy groceries, so I take ginger, mushrooms, zucchini, fish, chicken, a lot of spinach, tomato and paprika, broccoli, cauliflower and cheese, and out of fruits I take apple, banana, melon and other seasonal fruits.




Exercises are pretty much like for anybody who is going on some kind of total body workout. I start with straching, and it takes  a couple of minutes to stretch my neck, arms, legs and stomach muscles. After that I am doing one minute focused exercises – inasmuch it is a plank, or abs, or jumping in one place… This lasts for about 15 minutes or 20 and than I stop by straining again and than at the end by a short meditation. The goal of meditation is just to stop everything. I must say that a last few days I have had nausea after exercises, so it can be pretty tough.



Straching: 5 minutes
Exercises: 5-10 in a row with a duration of one minute, no resting (5 minutes for beginers, 10 for experienced ones)


                  • Squats classic
                  • The Plank
                  • High foot Plank exercise
                  • Jumping Jacks
                  • Running in place ( and than Goblet Squats…)



                  • Push ups, 30, 10+10+10
                  • DB military press, standing
                  • Dumbbell Bell over row
                  • Side Dumbbell Rise, standing
                  • Tricep overhead press (The Plank, Side Planks…)



                  • Sitting twists
                  • Crunches
                  • Leg raises
                  • Knee-in crunches
                  • Jumping oblique twists



                  • Bulgarian Split Squats
                  • Reverse Lunge
                  • Flunk reducing exercises, for each leg
                  • Hugh Knees
                  • Running in place



Hamstring stretch, Low-back stretch, Arm and shoulder stretch, Chest and frontal stretch, triceps stretch, calf strech…and than sit back, find some nice pillow to sit on and cross your fit so your kneez go under your hips and  with your arms on your knees breath a couple of minutes.





I am going to sleep every night by 11 o’clock and I stand up by 8 o’clock. I have decided not just to work on my food habits, body shaping but and on my sleeping time as well. You see, when you want to change your weight, you should know that there is a lot more going on beside just exercising. You are changing mentally. And do not forget that I have been active and before, but our body is so forgettable and a beast when you do not do just what it is craving to.











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July, 01


I decides to start on July, 01 and to see how it works for me. I managed to have that time just for me and assure that I will be strong enough to keep up with my decision.


JULY, 08


Today is July, 08. At the moment I feel unbelievable desire for sweets, I am probably in crises because and today I have been working 20-minutes cardio for speeding up my metabolism, and yesterday i didn’t work out and I aloud myself to eat pizza. I slept enough, getting in bed earlier, rised up also at normal time. In the morning I continue to take two spoons of olive oil on empty stomach, one tablet of Vitamin B and a cup of coffee black.
As I am getting rid of bread, sugars and dinner I do have a feeling that my daily calories consumption is higher than their entry.


Now I am taking a quiz about what type of body am I, and the test is easy to find on link: https://healthtypetest.org/. So, it turned out I am diplomat: https://healthtype.org/diplomat-f-welcome/uid=49dd7dec6e8d03421ad74dcec4c971484c9423d6.

JULY, 15


Today is July, 15. I worked out, drank a lot of water and stop eating after my third meal, which was in six o’clock. I’ve prepared a roll with spinach and young cheeze and me and my daughter really enjoyed our dinner. After that I drank only water. These days I am feeling kind of physically tired, my stomach craves for more, for some bread and sweets, but I don’t give in to it. I had spasms in Friday, in my legs, calves, to be precise. Sunday meand no exercices so I take it easy that day. When I am doing my workout I try do increase my level of speed for as fast as I can on my 20 minutes duration and than stop. The goal is the speed up  my metabolism and watching on my portions and what I eat I am hoping to success.

learning about the human body
Foto: Human parts

The difficult is how to spend my time and in what activity. I talked to my husband about our quality time together and we wanted to have some time alone, apart from our house and than I realised that everything I did before was unhealthy for me – going on a ćevapi meal, taking a bear, going on a piece of cake…so I was in a trouble – no drinks, no cakes, no fats.


JULY, 19


Today I feel like I physically moved forward. I can actually see the progress on my body. For example, I can see two lines on my stomach area, and that is awesome. I had a good sleep and exercises went pretty good. Every day I am spending a little bit more time doing it and I teach all the new technique to do the best for my body. My aim is to lose my waist under 80 cm and right now I am on 83. I am satisfied. Yesterday I had a really tough day. It was a challenge not to eat bread or anything beyond I am eating right now. I really wanted just to eat above all my measures and I don’t know why. Like I had a hole in my stomach and my tongue went wild. I am taking at least three liters of water a day and not eat after six o’clock. Last time I checked my weight I had 83.5 kilograms, which is a half of kilo less than 84 and I rally am hoping that My effort to live healthier will make a change for my organism.

And guess what? My husband started doing abs! Wow!


JULY, 23


Today I quit taking B vitamin pills. I had a tough weekend and before. I have so ugly thoughts like I am not doing any progress and that everything I do means nothing. Than in Sunday I have found my notebook from October last year I I have found out that I had lost 3 cm in my weist and on my hips – and last thing was like OMG! So I got so energized that day and I don’t know why but I started to clean up trough my things – wardrobe, documents, on-line links…almost everything. It looks like those yoga breathing exercises are doing their thing. Yesterday I felt something funny – for the first my my underwear went above my stomach. That was so surprising and so cool. Also I tried two of my pants and I really SAW that I am losing weigth. Even in a shop-window. Now my exercises last for about 30 minutes and I am focusing one day on arms, second on my abs…


JULY, 31


At the end of this month I have 80 kilos and my waist is 78 cm and I am going slowly toward my goal. I lost 20 cm on my hips, waist and bust, and my start measures were: 95-85-113. I increased my exercise time on 40 minutes. I had to buy some probiotics because of my new eating habits – that is something new and not so popular to mention but after giving birth I got hemorrhoids.




Today is Sunday, and I am free of workout. I even considered to have rest day every fourth day, but I gave up. This timing suits better for me. I did have a treat – I colored my hair after a long period, so I become dark brown again and I am feeling good. My centimeters are going down regularly and I am checking my portions to be smaller. That is something new. I continue to drink a lot of water, I drink some herb preparations for my digestion which is still in shock because of all the healthy food I am taking but my entire body is changing so that is kind of normal. I am taking a larger spoons of olive oil, by the recommendation of pharmacy doctor, and I take it twice a day. My hemorrhoids a re still there but I am taking care of them with a creme, proper food and a lot of water. Holes on my belt are moving toward.




Today is exactly 7 days since my last weighing and yes have I lost one more kilo, 79, so that was pretty awesome to look. I was at pharmacy store to by some iron effervescent tablets because after 10th August I can donate my blood again ( I am a blood donor and after every four month you can go to do that again) and there I have checked my weight so as I did at neighbours house in my building where I live. I have decided not to weight for at least two week ahead since that gives me a lost of pressure. I am exercising every day but Sunday and I am stick to it. My food is sattled for three meals and two small snacks between them. For snack I usually take have of apple or pumpkin spices, and dinner is served at six o’clock.




I didn’t measured anything for about seven or eight days, or checking weight. Today I have decided to control my portions because I need to achieve my goal and that is 74 kilos and right now I am at my 77. I think that I need to boost it up a little and I don’t want to take a chance not to fill up my task. This Thursday I didn’t work my exercises because I donated blood. Every four months I give blood as a blood donor and after August, 10 it was that time. In the same time I am checking my pressure and my iron level in my blood and they are both excellent. That day I didn’t do anything and my appetite raised a bit. Tomorrow I measured my bust, waist and hips and I checked how much weight do I have and I am satisfied. Yesterday I tried squids for the first time and it tasted excellent. So, another 14 days until the and of this healthy challenge.




Yesterday I went to buy new pants and I bought two size smaller. I am thrilled. My training today lasted for one hour sharp so I raised my training time a bit. I am thining of starting to run again. I am using music to help me do the best. I was occupied to find you some artist to recommend, or to create some playlist, but eventualy something that always moves me is that beat sound and I am always moved with Robin Schultz sound and mixes.

After I gave birth I’ve got a cellulite and after this boost kick I would have to work on my skin too. So this greasing with marigold cream can help a lot. Maybe you would find difficult just to continue this long term process. Don’t worry. I think that the first important thing is to jump off your bed and just take an action. In every possible way. Because you deserve it. You are healthy, you are young, you are smart, you can achieve anything. Only thing what’s important here is to keep your mind fresh. Learn always and than create something. I feel like I am losing my time if I don’t do any of this. So, I suppose that you have your triggers for being on a track, too. I read a lot, I write a lot, I love to create some healthy, new, delicious meals and also to create my style from time to time. I don’t know if I mentioned before, but yoga and meditation can help you to keep your peace. But be gentle with your body, because stretching can be difficult, so I stretched my left hip a little more than I suppose to, and I hardly moved yesterday.





It’s final day of my two months challenge and my measures are 98-70-80 and I weight 74 kilos. Total loss is 46 centimeters and 10 kilograms and that is just starting point. This week I ate food prepared on water, so I didn’t fry anything and it resulted with good finish. On August, 28 it was my birthday and you can suppose how difficult it was not to eat anything sweet, or just even drink a cup of juice, but I succeeded. And you know what my husband bought me as a present – a scale. O yes, and now I can check my weight regularly, which is very important. If you don’t find time to exercise, please do not worry about it; always find a few minutes, yes, just a few minutes just to meditate about everything that has happen to you that day and to stop anything that is going on in your head. I know there are a lots of challenges throughout a day such as having a kids for example, but be persistent and take an influence on them. For example, my daughter and I had our first running hour together and I am waiting this warm weather to go away and we will do it again.

I am feeling ready to continue my path and I wish you the same. Today I am going on a wedding of my college and I am going to shine away with my new body image. Be free to contact me for some tips, advices and support on your healthy way of living. Also support me as well on my healthy way again.


Text written and edited by: Ana Galić


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