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You know what?

In this very moment I am trying to figure out how I am going to achieve one of my most precious goals: to get my dissertation. In Philosophy. And what do I need to do that? Well, money of course.

5000 BAMs for one year only, and it takes three years to get to dissertation.

Ok, I think that is enough to talk about my future and my future plans.

Now let’s go back to past events. I am poor, for all of you that do not know that. I came from very poor family, which unfortunately got into problems, even though we did manage to break that poverty cycle (gambling problems). The only thing I ever wanted to do was to get to listen what my inner-self was telling me to do. I was not listening, that is for sure, and that is why I made mistakes. We all did. Once I told myself who am I, what do I want and maybe the most important of it all, what I do not want – things started to happen the way I wanted.

So, once I had that shift, the only dream I had was to learn, write, and explore like a philosopher.

I did that ok. Got some very important awards during my studies. And that has nothing to do with my so bad personal life. I am talking here about my family and my boyfriends/friends.

From some reason I grew up in a sick enviroment.

But I was strong.

Now, I am not that strong like when I was 18. Now I am 38.

And I need to take care of my enviroment. I need to focus on me and my goals.

I had to quit my job as journalist, editor, copy writer and call agent. In the period I needed money the most. My husband didn’t have any job and we went for some help in Center for Social work. We didn’t get it. I had to find another job, I took that bullet and I did it. Got pregnant again. Got fired. Lost baby. Did another job. Totally forgot about my dream, about who I am. Than I told my boss that I will take some time off that day to manage to get on interview in High school for IB Programme and I got the job.

That was my breaking point to get back to me. To who I truly am.

I found true love and I am a happy wife. I am a mother. We are a family without debts; without cars, pets, long-distance credits, dish-washer, etc. We are rich. In love. In respect. In understanding. In supporting each other. My husband started working and he is supporting us now. I am waiting for my job.

Until than, I become the founder and the president of the Association for promotion of culture and thinking Sofia. I am editor-in-chief of a Popular-science Journal named A PRIORI (pretty cool name, right). I published two books and I write the third one. I have finished my masters degree. Grade average: 9,59.

Am I successful? Yes. Because I see myself not as a loser, not as a failure. I do not let anybody else to treat me as I am some kind of tool or lifeless thing that has no thinking abilities and serves only to make somebody else’s purposes. I know that a lot of people out there struggle with the same thing. And they think there is no way out of that. You are wrong. Think for yourself. Than do what it takes. Suffer a little. And your dreams are about to happen.

Am I successful? Now you answer.

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