INTERVIEW WITH BO BENNETT, Author of The Ultimate Collection of Over 300 Logical Fallacies A PRIORI VOLUME 1, NUMBER 2, NOVEMBER 2021.

Interview by: Ana Galić

Foto: Bo Bennett, with kind permission of Mr. Bennet

Thank you sir for this great opportunity to have you in our Journal, especially knowing that our current issue’s theme is Critical Thinking in the Teaching process. Welcome!

First of all, can you tell us „your story“, or just introduce yourself to our readers, not just logic lovers, but also to our wider audience?

I grew up with a wonderfully fascinating mother who was a major believer in anything and everything mystical and magical. Although not much of that rubbed off on me, I did hold on to my religious (Catholic) beliefs until my mid-thirties. About that same time, I began to question my religious upbringing and started a debate website to evaluate views from both believers and non-believers. It didn’t take me long to shed my supernatural beliefs, but I was troubled by how good the theistic arguments appeared to be. It was then when I got sucked into the world of logical fallacies—the non-supernatural yet still magical quirks of reason that trick us into thinking bad arguments are good arguments. Over the next three years, I collected these logical fallacies and compiled them into a single resource. Logically Fallacious, the website, the book, and the course were born.

The rest of the interview you can read on link:

The second issue of The Popular-science Journal A priori read here.

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