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Yes, these are the words of a song, well, not the very same words, but you know what I mean…When was the last time you remembered just being you? To love yourself? To buy yourself a book? Present in any possible way? Well, to be honest, maybe you just didn’t realize that you had a problem, right? And what if I”ll tell you that YOU are that problem? Weird, right? Ok, today we are going to talk about our best version of ourselves and how to become someone you will love when you look yourself in the mirror.


How to Break Free from Your Limitations

is the name of the webinar I am listening RIGHT NOW. Why did I make this RIGHT NOW so important? Because now is always the time in your life you need to focus on. I think that everybody at some point of their lives certainly had that cross-over where he/she had to made some really non-comfort move, like I don’t know – let go miserable boyfriend, with who you’ve been dating for three years, already had planes for wedding etc.; than quitting your first college – it was too hard for you, you didn’t manage to find yourself in it…; than you had to quit your job – you had awfully boss, maybe your paycheck way lame; anyway, a lot of turning point was and it will be in your life.


But there is always time to take the steering wheel in your arms and to go for it!

For what I am going to, you probably ask me or yourself right now, with that funny face? You know for what. For the best version of yourself, yes! You deserve the best body you can get, the best job you can have, the best man/woman you can have, the happiness all the time and on every place.


But WHY? Again, old you is asking. Because you need the stop caring what everybody else thinks, focus on your life, because it is the only one, stop whining and start working for your time. Eventually, you will find out that you are the main thing that is pulling you down. Yes, you.

The main thing here is to understand the REASON why is something bothering to you so you are unable to achieve something you want. You name it – what is your obstacle – you will know it better then I will. Then you go for any possible way to resolve your issues, goals, what ever wish you are about to do. You can focus on anything you want. So, in this precise webinar you are about to find out what is your secret skill you wish to work on, than how to make your first steps in the right direction; level up your energy and your focus and in the end you need to realise how to be productive in a long-time period.


So, let’s say you want to lose weith. Or maybe to become the writer. i don’t know. You decide. Than, if that is your wish or this is bothering you and now you know it – you need to do what – to go in a gym, to prepare yourself healthy food, or if you want to become wwriter, you will – write, of course. But that is not all. Like you decided and that is it. But it is a first step. And maybe the most important one.

So, you need to make you goal smart, but what does it means?


SPECIFIC: You need to decide how much kilos you want to lose and for how much time/you want to focus on one way of writing, let’s say writing poems, maybe become journalist.
MEASURABLE: Every week you will get on your beam scale and measure your breasts, waist, hips with arms and legs/you will write as much as possible, also read a lot.
ACHIEVABLE: When you decide to lose weight you wan’t be foolish and expect that you will become barbie in a week/you will take time before you send your poems to some magazines, also when you have your first answers on your writings you won’t expect that world will celebrate you like you are the next best thing after Shakespeare!

RELEVANT: Is the weight lose impostant for your health? For your future?/Would your writings eventually be published in a book and made you as a worthy autor?

TIME-BOUND: You want to lose weight and that’s cool – but when – in this life-time, of course, so get started and set a time date for you wanted weight/you wish to have your name in a next literary festival that happens every four years in your state? Than write dude, four years doesn’t mean a thing and even if you collect something to publish, you’ll wait a half of a year just on reviews, not to mention publishing tools etc.

Ok, we have passed this few steps,  built our focus – and it took time a lot to do that – and now what? We need energy!


And in the end what do you need to do – ALWAYS? You need to make your growth permanent. You need to become Perpetuum mobile – motivated and have firm habits. Because, you know, you get tired, you lose your motivation, you lose your focus…





So, you need to be really motivated to go for it for a long time. Let’s repeat these steps again:


1.First you need to find out your secret passion;


2.Than you need to learn and be creative  – a lot;


3.The next step is focusing on your goals and keeping your energy high;


4.Final step is that you must repeat this cirle over and over again – that will retain your focus, re-build your memory and eventually, when you start feeling low, you will already ha your habits firmly made.

So, if you decide to go for your secret passions, tell us so we can encourage yoe and become your YOU CAN DO IT! team. And remember, none of this is not going to happen if you don’t put yourself first in your life.


Text written and edited by: Ana Galić

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